NZG Partner with Lord's Cricket Ground to Launch 'Journey To Net Zero Carbon'
18 Sep 2023

NZG Partner with Lord's Cricket Ground to Launch 'Journey To Net Zero Carbon'

Journey to Net Zero Carbon

On Friday, we announced that we have partnered with Lord's Cricket Ground to support the launch of their Journey to Net Zero Carbon at the England v New Zealand 4th ODI match. We drafted and aided in the launch of Marylebone Cricket Club's strategy, ‘A Journey to Net Zero Carbon’ (

In the strategy, the Club set out its steps to reach carbon neutrality and net zero by 2030 for scope 1 (gas) and 2 (electricity) emissions, and 2040 for scope 3 (indirect responsibility), in accordance with the Club’s vision. Whilst the Club has already made a lot of progress in terms of decarbonisation, the strategy is necessary in order to determine an exact blueprint of the steps required to reach its net zero targets.

Fan Carbon Calculator

The match also saw the first use of the Fan Footprint Calculator (, a free online platform which allows fans, visitors to Lord’s, MCC members and MCC staff to understand and measure their current carbon footprint and reduce their own and MCC’s carbon emissions, and make pledges to cut their emissions going forward.

Fans that attended the England v New Zealand Metro Bank ODI at Lord’s were encouraged to use the fan calculator for the first time.

The Launch

Eoin Morgan, former England Cricket world-cup winning captain, and MCC World Cricket Committee member, demonstrated the Fan Carbon Calculator, and added this in reference to MCC's strategy:

“Climate change is one the biggest issues facing our sport and our planet, so it is vital that MCC, as the guardians of the global game, continue to lead the debate in this area and this strategy is a step in the right direction. Sport, and society more broadly, needs to do more to combat the huge threat posed by climate change and in my role as a member of the MCC World Cricket Committee, I’m keen to play whatever part I can to help shape and influence the debate in our sport”

MCC Sustainability and Accessibility Manager, Stuart Dunlop, added:

"This strategy sets out an ambitious programme of measures and targets which will lead to the Club becoming Net Zero by 2040, if not earlier, as it continues to be a leading voice and influence within cricket amid the response to the threats posed to the future of the sport by climate change. The strategy and the key targets set out within it will be measured and monitored by our software NetScope, a leading and industry recognised software reporting tool. The Net Zero Carbon Strategy and tool was developed in partnership with leading sustainability consultants, Net Zero Group."

Mark Hammond, founder of Net Zero Group, announced the launch as follows:

“Net Zero Group is proud to support MCC on their journey to Net Zero and applaud the club’s commitment to not only track and reduce the emissions of MCC but also leverage their audience and raise carbon awareness amongst fans. Our carbon consulting and software expertise will help the home of cricket continue their transformation into a leading international sustainability venue and set the standard for sporting organisations to create a low carbon culture.”

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