Government launches campaign to help businesses drive down energy bills
26 Apr 2023

Government launches campaign to help businesses drive down energy bills

Targeted at small and medium sized businesses, the campaign will offer guidance on how organisations can make significant savings while cutting emissions. Many businesses are looking at costs alongside the benefit to the environment of reducing energy consumption and their business carbon footprint.

The campaign will help businesses, charities and public sector bodies improve energy efficiency and reduce bills.

For many companies, a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom-line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.

Some of the key actions advised include: • Undertaking an energy review • Installing SMART meters • Reviewing tariffs • Installing light timers and changing lightbulbs • Timing heating and turning down boiler flow temperature

The new website will help organisations access simple, low-to-no cost advice, outlining a range of possible actions, from having better sight of current energy use to upgrading and modifying equipment

Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Lord Callanan said: “Falling wholesale energy prices are welcome news, but this in no way changes our firm, long-term commitments to vastly boost UK energy efficiency across industry and households. From today businesses, charities and public sector bodies can access helpful and practical advice on simple actions they can take to substantially reduce their energy use – and potentially increase profits. Not only will this help lower operational costs by up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, but smarter energy use will help us deliver on our critical pledges to cut demand by 15% and reach net zero by 2050.”

The new site also offers guidance on taking full advantage of the government’s range of energy support schemes available, such as the new Energy Bills Discount Scheme, which offers a unit discount on bills, and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which offers grants to help make installing heat pumps and biomass boilers as cheap as a gas boiler.

With energy data any businesses can measure their carbon footprint to get the baseline figure, from here follow the reduction advice and government low / no cost measures to track the reduction journey to Net Zero.

Speak to one of our team today for expert advice. We can guide you on how to collect accurate energy data and easily measure your Scope 1 & 2 carbon footprint, alongside simple changes and reduction actions.

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