From Pollution to Solution:  A summary brief of the UNEP report
10 May 2023

From Pollution to Solution: A summary brief of the UNEP report

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We have produced a brief of the UNEP report: From Pollution to Solution, highlighting the worlds plastic pollution crisis which is rapidly becoming one of the most pressing environmental issues and what together can be done about it

Plastics make up 85% of marine litter, harming marine life and damaging habitats. Humas are at risk from microplastics, inhaling through the air, consuming them in food & water and even absorbing through the skin

The estimated 11 million metric tons of plastic currently entering the ocean annually will triple in the next 20 years (UN Environment Programme)

Plastics are a climate problem creating greenhouse gas emissions across their whole life cycle. Carbon is sequestered by the ocean, the more damage we do to our ocean and coastal areas the harder it is for these ecosystems to act

The “Pollution to Solution” assessment requires urgent commitments and action at global level from source to sea:

- Improve waste management systems to receive plastic waste and ensure its reuse - Enhance circularity by promoting more sustainable consumption and production practices across the entire plastic value chain - Engage consumers in addressing plastic pollution to influence the market and to inspire behavioural change - Close the tap by phasing out unnecessary, avoidable and most problematic plastic items and replace with alternative materials, products or services - Improve and strengthen governance at all levels

Their message is impactful: there is no single solution but the goal is singular: reduce the use of unnecessary plastics and stop their flow into our waters.

We are all in this together and together we can #BeatPlasticPollution

Download the UNEP report: From Pollution to Solution

Join us on LinkedIn to share your tips for reducing plastic pollution and we will challenge everyone to try at least one, sharing their before and after pictures for World Environment Day - 5 June 2023.

Help show the size of the problem & be part of the solution!

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