Earth Day 2024
22 Apr 2024

Earth Day 2024

Planet vs Plastics - 2024

Did you know that your health is directly impacted by plastics? Everyday we are absorbing it, we’re eating it and we are breathing it. Microplastics are absorbed through some of our cosmetics and healthcare products, consumed through the water we drink and inhaled through the air we breathe.

Some of this is entirely safe and inevitable however where we can avoid and eliminate plastics, we should.

Be conscious of the single-use plastics you purchase, a few tips from our team below to aid you in this journey of living as plastic-free a life (as possible)!

Mark suggests investing in reusable goods such as your everyday water bottle, coffee cup, lunch box and utensils to avoid the participation in takeaway/throwaway culture.

Kate suggests investing in a water filtration system, Brita Filter is a good starting point although it won’t remove all microplastics.

Will suggests reducing the use of your clothes dryer as microfibers are released in the laundry waste water, back into our harbours and potentially back into our drink water systems. Air dry where possible - it also will elongate the lifespan of your favourite sweater!

Joe suggests using Recycle Now to find your nearest recycle point for dropping off soft plastics that would otherwise be brought to landfill.

If you want to make a change for the planet and your health, the best place to start is by measuring your own carbon footprint. Scan our QR code below to find out your impact.

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